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For years, 1st Choice Mechanical has been providing quality repairs and service to Denver homeowners. Our experts are ready to offer that same exceptional service to you. Whether you need your existing unit repaired, are looking to install a brand new water tank, or want to schedule routine maintenance, our experienced technicians can help. Your water heater is one of the most important features in your home, and you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible service from a reliable local company.

Our technicians have years of experience working on and installing tankless, gas, electric, and indirect water heaters, so regardless of what you already have in your home, we're familiar with it!

A wall mounted water heater

In many cases, it's getting nothing but cold water from your taps that alerts you to something being wrong with your water heater. Professional repairs are needed at that point. However, you can potentially avoid cold showers and the money and time spent on calling someone to your home by being aware of these indications of problems with your heater:

  • Only lukewarm water and no hot water.
  • Lower than normal hot water pressure.
  • Water heater that leaks.
  • Metallic tasting water, or water that's rust-colored.
  • Cracks, pops, bangs, or other unusual sounds from your heater.

It often pays to buy a new water heater rather than put money into your old one, although a quick repair can often fix the problem temporarily. Here at 1st Choice Mechanical, we carry the best-known brands and offer quality, safe and trustworthy installation of your new water heater. It all means improved energy efficiency, more comfort for your family, and years of reliable and trouble-free operation.

Call 1st Choice Mechanical today for service, installation, or repairs, and you can rest assured you're working with one of the leading water heater companies in Colorado.

Working with a Heater Professional

It is crucial to work with a certified and licensed heating technician to ensure that the heating system is installed correctly and avoid any installation mistakes. A certified HVAC professional will have the necessary experience in heater installations, including proper electrical wiring connections, which could be a problem if you are not trained in this area. Additionally, a licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician has the right tools and processes for installing your system, including the correct sized hose and ducting or piping - something that can save you time and money on going out to purchase these supplies yourself. You can also avoid potential electrical and even gas hazards by hiring an HVAC pro.

1st Choice Mechanical offers all of those things when it comes to installing your heater at home! We're your go-to place when you need a trusted heater contractor! We provide installation services for natural gas heaters, electric heating systems--whatever your home needs, we can install it! We are licensed and certified to ensure quality heating systems for your home. Keep your home warm with us! We guarantee customer satisfaction in every homeowner in Denver, Colorado!

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